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Friday, April 15, 2016

Quilting for Others

I like the stitches I'm making today and for the past month, but they are stitches I want to end.  Stitching for others is fun, but can become frustrating when there are projects piling up in your mind that you want to get started for yourself.

This is a little quilt. Made by--I don't know who, but they have a wonderful story.

 A lady called me to ask if our church quilting circle would quilt three ugly quilt tops for her.  I said of course, and the quilt tops were delivered.  First, they are not ugly.  All are simple traditional quilts, one a scrappy Nine Patch, one an interesting Irish Chain and this one a green and coral Sampler.  The quilts are normal twin/full size quilts, except this little sampler.  The sampler was not fitting into our church frames and the quilters could not all sit around the small frame, even if we were able to frame up the quilt.  Sooooo, I took the little quilt home and decided to lap quilt it.  This is the first time I have ever lap quilted anything larger than 24 x 24.  I was worried, quilting for someone else is a little scary, but the owner was just so thrilled to be get these quilt tops completed--she did not mind.

You see, her Mother had made the tops years ago and she just found them after her Mother passed away.  She didn't know they existed.   The quilts are going to be given to the three Grand-daughters.  What a nice gift.  I'm going to encourage her to place the story on a label--I will do that for her---so these sweet little memories will continue to be this families heritage.

This little quilt has been across the country---stitched on car trips to Arizona, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri.  I take it along to put in stitches as I have the time.  This is the last block of the quilt that needs quilting, hope to complete it today.  Then it is on to the border and the binding.  My goal is to finish and place labels on all three by the end of April.  Wish me luck---my mind is full of  little  art quilt projects I want to start.  Check out Off the Wall Friday for all the wonderful quilt making going on this week.   Have a Wonderful Weekend and Happy Quilting!!

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