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Friday, February 12, 2016

Treasure Keeper in the Making

I've started another Treasure Keeper.   I'm calling this one Hidden Nine Patch.

After a quick bath and dry, the first thing I do is cut the seams on the little vintage bags here.
 I find it interesting that all these bags  have two seams--they are made on the fold.  They are also have uneven and odd sides, so I square up each bag.  Now the fun starts.  With my box of bits and pieces I create a little quilt to place on the bag.

For this one I stitched together a nine-patch and then appliqued it and part of a second nine-patch together in hopes of giving it a look of a little stack.  I will add quilting stitches---even some embroidery stitches, to complete the nine-patch look.

The back needs a patch too!!  A little buzzing bee will add interest.  After a short vacation to a sunshine state--there may be a complete bag to show.  Projects are going with me.  Check out Off the Wall for some wonderful quilts. Stay cozy and Happy Quilting!


  1. I love your treasure bags! They are all so unique

    1. Thank you so much. They are fun for me to make. I enjoy small projects.