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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Decorating with Quilts---page 9

Sometimes,  you come across quilts that are in great disrepair or a block that is orphaned.  These small reminders of work completed by a family member or just a textile that you love. What can you do with them---Frame it!!  I found four around our home that are nice reminders.  The first two were made by my Grandmother and have found a home in my sewing room.

 Piece of a quilt in total disrepair

Orphaned applique tulip block

This little quilt was in disrepair and given to me by a friend.  It is now tucked behind the TV equipment in the bookshelf.  Helps to brighten a dark area and reminds me of a sweet friend.
You can get clever like my sister-in-law and add a saying to cutter quilt pieces.
This was a Christmas gift a few years back and is now in our laundry room.
Happy Quilting!

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