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Friday, October 23, 2015

Art Quilt Swap

Years ago I joined an art quilt swap, or maybe it's best to call it a challenge.  Our swap partner sent us a quilt that needed help and we were to change in in any way we wished, add or subtract what ever we wanted and return it to the partner.  This is the quilt that was sent to me:

Very pretty shades of grays and tans with a variety of shells, driftwood, and fabrics.  Reminded me of the beach and ocean waves.  Our partner was to tell us nothing about the idea they had for the quilt--we were to just take the fabrics given and create.  Since I saw beach, sand and ocean in this little top that was the direction I headed.  Here was what I returned to my swap partner.

After taking the original quilt top apart I used that fabric to weave the new quilt top.  Then using the shells and driftwood, plus some beads, cheesecloth and embroidery embellishments that resembled waves.  I created a hand quilted sandy beach themed art quilt.

I hope she liked it.  I never really heard, but I sure had fun making this quilt.  It was one of my first attempts at an Art Quilt.  Wishing you a creative weekend.  Happy Quilting!

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