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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Decorating with Quilts---Page 3

DeVere Daisy

This little quilt started with a trip of a life time.  A former student of mine received a grant to work on the Harry Potter films in London.  She would be there a month and asked me if I would like to go with her.  Of course I said yes.  Hubby and I were able to spend a wonderful week in London, before he returned home and I joined Christine in the little town of Kings Langley at an English manor that had been controverted into a hotel called DeVere Hunton Park.  Lovely rooms, beautiful gardens, just perfect.  I decided that I would make a mini quilt completely by hand while I was there.  Had no real idea of the pattern just the colors.

Let the piecing begin.  During the days when Christine was working I would work on my quilt, tour some of the other small towns---even found a wonderful quilt shop.  I bought Beatrice Potter fabric to add to my little project.  Interesting note, in one book shop I purchased a English novel about an American who becomes President.  As I read the story was sounding familiar, half way through I realized the novel was based on George W. Bush.  I can't recall the name, and I left it for the next visitor to Hunton Park.

Beatrice Potter fabric made up the daisy petals.  I just cut the size of the petals and quilted them to the top--raw edge applique.

Completed quilt I called DeVere Daisy photographed in the gardens at Hunton Park.  When I returned home I framed the little quilt and have it hanging in a grouping with a plaque that just says "London".  Everything in our home has a story.  Quilts always tell a story---old or new they communicate their story, we must listen to continue the tradition.  Have an enjoyable week and as always---Happy Quilting!

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