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Friday, September 11, 2015

Decorating with Quilts--Page 2

I had just completed my entry way quilt wall, when I was given a gift as a thank you from a friend who I had helped introduce her new product line.  The gift was an afternoon with a designer.  The designer would do whatever I wanted--rearrange a room, bookshelves, wall arrangements, whatever I would like for her to do. I was thrilled and a little nervous.  For years when people would visit our home, I would always hear comments about how comfortable, warm and welcoming it was or how much they liked my placement of accessories.  So I thought I was doing okay on the decorating end of homemaking. My hubby and I enjoy antiques, auctions, flea markets and family heirlooms.  So our home reflects that/us and our love for unique things--comfortable chairs, family mementos, quilts. Everything has a story.  I don't shop at Home Goods or other design shops.  When we were first married my husband called it--Early Odds 'n Ends.  I guess we're still decorating in that style.

Laundry Room before Downsizing Project
I called it my Mary Engelbreit room

Entry wall before furniture rearrange

My big day arrived.  I invited my friend and her designer friend for lunch before the big redesign.  After lunch she went immediately to our built-in bookshelves that surround the fireplace and contain the TV/media equipment.  She rearranged almost every shelf and much to my surprise because I liked what I had there to begin with, but I will say her design is very nice and is still in place today.  She helped me hang the mirror you see on the entry wall (which I like). The divider draped with quilts that you can see reflected in the mirror was her idea too.  I lived with it for a few months and could never feel comfortable with that arrangement.  It has since been removed.  I enjoyed my afternoon and liked what she did, but she made one comment that I'm still trying to sort out in my non-designer mind.  She said my home was "folksy".  She didn't expand.  

If "folksy" means comfortable, warm and welcoming then that's our home.  If it means anything else, well I'll take "folksy".  Happy Quilting!

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