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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just for Fun

It's another rainy, dreary day here in the great state of Missouri.  We have had rain every day for weeks now. What's the best way to bring in some sunshine---quilting.  So I made this little mini quilt just for fun.  It's 3" wide and 7" long including the hanging ribbon and beads.  I've hand quilted around the center bear and then added larger stitches and french knots in the borders.  Also started a little series of four mini quilts/table toppers for the holidays.  Will be posting them shortly.  They will be great take along quilt projects for our travels in July.  Hope you're having a sunny day today.  Weatherman says next week we will be rain free--hope so---need a break.  Of course, as it goes in Missouri, by August we will be wishing for a little of this moisture.  Happy Quilting!!

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