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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Something Out of Nothing

I've been reading some fellow bloggers New Year's resolutions or should I say word/words for the new year.  A personal challenge to self, to quilt on in 2015.  After some thought I have decided to do the same thing.  What will be my personal challenge in 2015?  I remember my Grandmother always said that I had the ability to make something out of nothing.  This year I'm going to try.  As I look at my quilting supplies, bits and pieces of  fabric, unusual textiles that I have here and there, even some nothings I have in my personal life.  I decided that my challenge for 2015 will be

Something Out of Nothing

I have my first Nothing.  I really started this in 2014, or I should say hubby started this in 2014.  Hubby bought an old wooden box marked PLATES at an estate sale.  Inside the box we found about 100 cloth bags.

The bags range in size from 8 x 9 inches to 3 x 4 inches.  They feel like a sailcloth and have a flannel type interior. We have no idea what type of plates were stored in these little bag.  But the wooden box was also lined with a straw covered in cloth.  This will probably remain a mystery.  But the bags will be re-purposed into Something.  I made a gift bag to hold a small Christmas present for an old quilt block and primitive stitches.  

The bags are easy to take apart and embellish with bits and pieces of fabric and stitches--maybe even a bead or two.  

So here is to my 2015 Personal Challenge.  One day at a time I will walk through the year making something whether fabric or personal achievements out of all the nothings.  Happy New Year and may your personal challenge be fulfilled, too.  Happy Quilting!

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