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Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Christmas with Parker

What a wonderful day.  We had a fun packed afternoon.  Parker, Cole, Mom and Dad came over around 3:00pm.  They joined other members of the family for a gift exchange and a soup buffet.  The gift exchange was mostly about Parker.  He had more gifts under the tree than anyone expected.  So many great toys, but of course the wrapping paper, bows and boxes were the real hit.

Exactly how does this work, Mom?


I think I've got it!!!

I need a drink break after all this.

After this photo with Mom, Brother and Family Friend (Karen holding Parker), the cute little Christmas outfit turned into a wet mess.  Parker made his way to the utility room without being noticed and played in the dog water.  The simple gifts in life are always the best.

For the past few years (8 to be exact), I have served a soup buffet on Christmas evening.  We all so enjoy the relaxed nature of a simple light meal.  This year the buffet had a Mexican Chicken Soup, Oklahoma Steak Soup and Broccoli Cheese with an assortment of breads and cheesecake for dessert. 

***The poinsettia quilt on the back of the love seat was made by my Mom in the 1960's.  I find a place for it every Christmas.  Adds a perfect pop of red on the white love seat.  Happy Quilting!

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