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Friday, September 5, 2014

I Found A Spot

In some recent posts, I've talked about how things are changing around our household.  The sewing/guest room is now a Parker (grandson)/guest room.  Since my quilting was done in that room I have been looking for a spot and since our lower level is also the warehouse for hubby's sport memorabilia business, I was having a tough time. But, I found a spot, today.

It's located under the steps and in front of one of the atrium windows.  Right next to a coffee table. It's under that striped towel.  The table is one that I just can't seem to part with, but at the present time it's looking for a spot too.  We both fit nicely under the steps and out of the way of traffic.  The window is bright, which will make stitching enjoyable as I can look outside to the back yard, woods and one of our wildlife feeding stations.  The deer love this spot too.  Not as big as an entire room, but it will do.  As I mentioned before I'm enjoying this scale back time.  More time to enjoy Parker and doing smaller handwork projects.  I have more arranging to do on my spot to get it just right, so have a great weekend and Happy Quilting in your spot!


  1. How nice that you now have your own little cubby hole and with a view!

    1. Looking forward to some sunny stitching time.