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Friday, June 6, 2014

Long Time on the Wall

I completed this quilt top in April 2013, and talked about it here.  Then I hit a snag.  How to quilt my new creation.  I enjoy both hand and machine quilting and I felt the center fabric needed the quilting to flow with the color to show movement and continue the canyon look.  I have been looking at this quilt for over a year. Then it come to me.  I've started the quilting by hand quilting the center fabric---following the rust dyed pattern.

The patchwork section of will be lightly machine quilted trying not to compete with the center fabric.  I will be using treads that match the patchwork colors and the binding will also match the two areas and not compete with the colors but blend end.

It's finally off the wall and I'm now looking forward to its completion.  Check out other great Off The Wall quilts here.  Happy Quilting!


  1. Very lovely piece. I never would have thought of doing a rusty background - it's very effective!

    1. Thank you, the rusty background reminded me of a canyon where wild horses roam.