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Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Warmer in Alaska

Yesterday, here in Missouri, we had a major snow fall.  Over 9 inches fell and during the night the temps started dropping.  We woke to -9 degrees zero, wind chill -22.  The morning news reported the temps in Alaska presently around 34.   We will see those temps on Wednesday.  The sun is out and the snow is beautiful, if you're inside looking out.

 Yesterday was a great day for quilting.  I completed some handwork on a little art quilt top.

I did a raw edge look.  There is a reason for that--to be explained later.  I have more machine quilting to add, a few more hand stitches and a layer of fabric.  This is definitely an art quilt.  The traditional quilting rules have all been broken.  Do you ever break the traditional quilting rules?  I find it fun to step out of the traditional world and just do.  I hope to be doing more art quilts this year---something different appeals to me.  Whatever you do traditional, art, crazy, enjoy and have a great Monday.  Happy Quilting!!!

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