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Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Guessing???

Have you ever second guessed yourself while making a quilt?  That's me!!!  I'm putting the finishing stitches on a baby quilt for our first grandchild.  It's a patchwork.  It contains nine-patch blocks made with dots of all colors, a cute whimsical print, zebra print and two crazy zebras.  Each zebra will have a primitive stitched legs, mane and tail and a bright embroidery eye.

Of course, I want it to be perfect.  I wanted to make a wild and crazy quilt.  One that would stimulate the baby's eyes and keep him (it's a boy) interested in looking at the wild colors and patterns.  Maybe it's just too wild for adults and a baby will love it????   I hope the baby's Mom loves it too.  As usual, I did not use a pattern--it's one of a kind.  I think that leads to second guessing.  As a quilt maker, who makes quilts from scratch, there is always a thought that it could be better or different.  And, I guess since this quilt is for some one special self doubt jumps into the mix.  I'm going to stay with this idea and finish the quilt.  It will be machine quilted.  I want this to be a well used quilt that is much loved and ends up with frayed edges.  Back to stitching.  Have a great Monday and Happy Quilting!

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