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Monday, November 25, 2013

Quilting for a Genius

I'm starting a new project this week---Quilting for a Genius.  Or you could say---Quilting for our First Grand Child.  Our first grand child will be born the early part of March and we are so very excited.  He's a Boy!!!!  Not sure of his name, but that doesn't matter---just healthy is all we ask.
Anyway, I've been thinking about a quilt.  I remember hearing that babies do not see well in the beginning and that bright colors with sharp contrast is best to stimulate their eyes.  And when you stimulate their eyes that will in turn stimulate their curiosity, which will increase their learning. Repeated visual stimulation can increase learning by 25%.   A genius in the making.

Dots and Critters will be the theme of his 1st Quilt.  I've already put together some bright 9-patch blocks that have lots of dots and activity in many colors.  I'll be adding the stripe and animal prints.  I plan to make a couple of floppy ear dogs, like I did for the Cardinal Quilt.  This little quilt is making me smile already and it will be made with lots of love for our new little guy, genius or not.  Happy Quilting!

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