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Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Finished !!!

Two years ago, it the heat of the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team playing in the 2011 World Series and winning that series, I designed a Cardinal quilt.  My idea was to complete the quilt by January 2012.  That never happened---what was I thinking.  I decided to hand quilt my creation.  What I failed to take into consideration is that the quilt would have ideas of it's own.  Quilts sometimes speak when it comes to the amount of quilting that needs to be done and this quilt just kept talking.  Other projects were completed and this quilt was always in the wings.  I would take it on long road trips so I could stitch while hubby drove.  It traveled to Arizona, Maryland and Iowa.  Every month, I would take with me to my quilting group to stitch and talk. Finally, a few weeks ago, I cleared the kitchen table and I stitched and stitched---I could see the end and I was determined to complete the quilt before Thanksgiving.  One more thing to be thankful for.

 The big thing in St. Louis in 2011 was that the Cardinals had won their 11th World Series.  The slogan was "Eleven in Eleven".  That's when the idea popped into my head.  Making a story quilt depicting the eleven wins and Cardinal Nation.  I call my quilt Stars over Cardinal Nation and in each star is the year the Cardinals won a World Series.

 I used all primary colors and some vintage cotton Cardinal logo fabric I found on eBay.  You can find everything on eBay.

 In January of 2013, Cardinal Nation lost our most beloved star.  Stan Musial "Stan the Man" passed.  I added his name to the quilt with ribbon and embroidery. It was then that I realized that the quilt could be an ever growing quilt.  Embellishments could be added to remember events, even appliqued World Series stars.

I'm a dog lover and I created this little patchwork fellow.  He was a perfect addition complete with floppy ears and bandanna.  He was fun to make and I'm going to be adding critters like him to more of my quilts.

I found this little squirrel on eBay, too.  A squirrel ran across the field not once but twice and we won the game.  So during the 2011 series we had the Rally Squirrel.  He had to have a place on the quilt.

Finally, I added some embellishments --just because--.  Butterflies, buttons for flowers and door wreaths.  Appliqued bushes to soften the edge of the buildings.  The quilt measures 52 1/2" x 69 1/2".  I just started making blocks and putting them together.  Really no set plan just started making it up as I went.  Story quilts are fun to make---give it a try, they can be whatever you want.  I will say I will not hand quilt the next one, I like to finish my projects quicker than two years.  Stars over Cardinal Nation will be displayed at the Cardinal Winter Warm Up Fund Raiser in January 2014.  Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!
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  1. What a fun project, do add onto it as the years go by. Love the squirrel.