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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Still Working on Christmas Quilt

It seems like ages since I last wrote a new post.  We have been very busy this month with new and exciting family activities.   We just returned home from a family reunion and celebration of my hubby's mother's 90th Birthday.  We threw a big party at her retirement community in Arizona.  Family members attending enjoyed catching up with each other, it was a special weekend for everyone.  To add to the excitement, our son (36 and an only child) announced that we were going to be "first time" grandparents.  I'm trying to stay under control--this is just an exciting time and a real blessing.
With all this going on my sewing has slowed down.  I'm still working on the Christmas Quilt, but I'm behind.

I completed #4 just before all the excitement.  Now that the large blocks have been completed, I hope to complete one more before the first of September.  This has really been fun---not sure about accuracy???
Have a wonderful week and Happy Quilting!

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