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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stringing Beads

It must be the weather---beautiful here.  Nice breezes, temps in the 80's, sunny days.  So I've been concentrating on planting, spring cleaning and watching baseball games.  Quilting--not so much.  I've been trying to quilt, in fact would you believe I have started four quilt tops only to be discouraged and disillusioned by all of them.  Even to the point of just not sewing for a while.  But one little project is still getting my attention.
This is a little art quilt I bought at a tag sale.  The little quilt is about 18 x 18 inches and is hand embroidered and quilted.  I'm adding beads for a little "bling" and will donate it to the Festival of Sharing Auction in October.  In the meanwhile, I'm going to clean and organize my sewing room.  Things will be tossed, donated and sold---a spring cleaning is long overdue and it may help being back my spirit.  So, blog posts my be slight for a few weeks, as I try to get my quilting spirit back---but know that I will still be stringing beads.  Have a wonderful weekend and as always Happy Quilting!

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