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Friday, February 15, 2013

Check It Out

Nina Marie left me a comment yesterday on my little Sweet Hearts quilt.  She invited me to participate in Off The Wall Friday.  I've checked it out---a very creative place.
 I made this quilt a few weeks ago using a layer process.  Sweet Hearts was created in five steps.
In the first step I made the patchwork of two shades of white, then added the applique.
For the applique I just used a the raw edge approach, but a small zig-zag stitch would also help to hold applique pieces if desired.
After the applique is in place, make a quilt sandwich and machine quilt--using a walking foot.  
Now the fun begins, choose a variety of corresponding embroidery threads and hand quilt--primitive stitches--where pops of color is needed.
 Finally, add embellishments if desired.

It was fun to watch this quilt develop and change as each layer was completed.  The little quilt measures 8 x 10 3/4 inches with fast finish hanging triangles on the back. Check out this creative blog  As Always, Happy Quilting!  and Thank You Nina Marie.


  1. A great Valentine's little quilt! I saw your link on Nina Marie's blog, stopped by, and enjoyed my visit!

    1. Thanks Kelly, stop in again.

    2. Same here! I saw your link on Nina Marie's blog too. I often wonder about the order of when to do handwork - before the machine quilting, before the final backing, or as you have done, after the quilting is completed. Thanks for another opinion on the matter. Glad to know there really are no quilt police!

  2. Very clever ideas on this. Hey, I am from Springfield, Mo. We have lots of talent here. lol

  3. Really very creative! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, Jan. Dropped by from Nina Marie's. Awfully cute quilt--I like the stitching combined with patchwork and appliqué. Enjoyed looking back over old posts, too.
    best from Tunisia,

  5. What a lovely little quilt. Saw it on Off the Wall Fridays! Thanks for sharing the process you used.