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Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Time to Move On

This morning I just finished my last quilt top for AAQI.  As you know, this is the last year for AAQI and it will be a fantastic year.  AAQI is on target to earn $1,000,000.00 for Alzheimer's research.  I have been a part of this fund raiser since its beginning and I had told myself that I would quilt until the last deadline August 1, 2013.  But, I realize that I must move on.  I have been holding on to making these little mini quilts with mixed emotions---thrilled that AAQI will be reaching such an outstanding goal, but sad that the little quilts will no longer be needed.  I learned so much by participating in the cause.   I have wonderful memories stitched in each quilt.
My first quilt was:

651 - Bewildered Tears ($65)

651 - Bewildered Tears ($65)
Jan Stone
Josephville, MO   USA

Width: 11.5"   Length: 8.675"

Materials/Techniques: 100% cotton; machine pieced and quilted with embellishments.

Artist's Statement: This quilt represents the confusion and tears of Alzheimer's.

Dedication: To a wonderful mother, Helen Hoevel, who lost her battle on December 15, 1995.

This quilt is displayed with a hanging ring.

This quilt earned $65 for Alzheimer's research.

It's hard to believe that now the numbers are over 13,000 and growing.  I will be posting pictures of the final quilt tops as I complete the quilting and binding.  My total donation for this year will be ten.  Four have been sent in and I'm in various stages of completion on the other six.  
I will be using many of the techniques and ideas I used in the AAQI quilts to make quilts for the Festival of Sharing Quilt Auction and Backpacks for Missouri Foster Children.  
So, with a tear in my eye and a smile that I completed the quilt top this morning.  Thanks you Ami for giving all of us the opportunity to help. Happy Quilting!

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