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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Numbers are In

Unconditional Love sold for $41.57
I've been anxiously waiting for the numbers to arrive from the AAQI Houston Sales.  Over the years I have made and donated 100 miniature quilts to be sold for Alzheimer's Research and this time of year is always so exciting.  Most of the AAQI sales happen at the International Quilt Show in Houston and this year was no exception.  With all the bookkeeping to be completed, individual quilters eagerly  wait for their quilt totals to be posted----last night my page was updated.  Nineteen (19) of the twenty-six (26) quilts I made this year for  Houston were sold for a total of $632.22.  Eight (8) of my 100 quilts are still available for sale on the AAQI web site and my grand total is $3,493.61.  My mini that earned the most was:
Celebrate selling  for $55.43
 I'm just a little short of my personal goal of $4,000.00, need to do some more stitching.  Think about joining me and make a mini---it's fun!!!      Happy Quilting!

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