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Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Gift


  I made these little bookmarks for my quilting buddies at church.  Each year we have a luncheon and most of the ladies give out Christmas Cards to everyone, but I like to make a little something.  This year:
1.   I  took backing board/cardboard and cut it 2" x 7"
2.  Picked out some interesting fabrics and used some wonder under to just tack the fabric to cardboard--so it wouldn't slip around.
3.  Top stitched to cardboard
4.  Put a hole in the top of the cardboard and fabric with a hole punch.
5.  Decorated with ribbon, yarns, beads and you have an interesting little Bookmark.
***There are so many interesting ways to make and decorate a bookmark, check out pinterest for more ideas and have fun.
***Make a bookmark to go with a great book as a gift for a special person.
Wishing everyone a fun weekend and Happy Quilting!

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