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Friday, November 9, 2012

Wonderful News from AAQI

Great news from AAQI, 1,597 quilts were sold and a record amount earned $75,000.  To the best of my count--- of the 26 quilts I had in Houston 15 quilts were sold, I'm looking forward to the final tally.
In the meantime, check out Ami's thoughts.

Finding New Homes
People who buy our quilts aren’t just shopping. As one buyer said, “This isn’t shopping. It’s a duty.”
They are affirming the journey of those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s. They are validating the experiences we all share with others on that journey. They are reaching out to soul mates and rescuing each other with quilted art.
We saw it over and over. People look until they see a connection, until they see a quilt that speaks to them. It could be the quilt, but just as often they are moved by the words written by the quiltmaker. Sometimes the connection hits like a lightning bolt, other times it is only after meticulous searching. But when quilt and buyer come together it is a beautiful thing.

We’re the only venue at IQF where people cry. And we give more hugs per square foot than anybody else. When you’ve been touched by this disease and you see the work of so many who have been down that road or who are traveling that road right now, trying to make a difference, it’s hard not to become emotional. It’s OK; we’ve got tissue.
The AAQI booth is also pretty noisy. We try to clap every quilt home. And we’re not shy. We can’t be. Our work is too important. Yes, some of us could double as carnival barkers, but it’s such a thrill to be with so many of our supporters in one place, we just can’t help ourselves.
After all, look how many quilts we sold! AAQI Board Member Beth Hartford (and Quilt Registrar) keeps a straight pin tally of quilts sold. One pin per quilt. This picture was taken on Day #4.
See You Next Year
There is still much work left to be done to close out the show. Volunteers are coming in about 15 minutes to file paperwork and prepare quilts that didn’t sell for the Quilts For Sale page. We should be caught up in a few weeks.
Hopefully, we will be invited back to International Quilt Festival next year.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to bid on the Celebrity Invitational Auction Quilts.
Ami Simms

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