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Monday, October 22, 2012

On the Move

The Little Yellow Quilt with all it's flaws---frayed edges, missing blocks, separating seams---is on the move.  I knew this little quilt would have a continued life even though it was in disrepair.  I started to repair it myself, but realized that it would take more time than I was ready to devote.  So, I decided to sell the little quilt as is, a cutter quilt, to someone who would take it apart and make wonderful new items that would bring joy and comfort.  The Little Yellow Quilt is headed to the "Big Apple", New York, New York---and to a new life.  I don't know where the quilt originated, or where it will end up, but like all quilts that are appreciated it will live on.  Have a wonderful Monday and Happy Quilting!

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