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Monday, October 1, 2012

Festival of Sharing Quilt Show

Each year at the time our church hosts the Festival of Sharing Quilt Show.  This little show is to promote a beautiful number of quilts that are made and donated for an October 20th Quilt Auction to raise money for world missions.  This festival is held every year and supported by many different churches and denominations.  This is an event the Lydia Circle (my church quilters) really look forward to.  This year for $5.00 admission to the show you would have also enjoyed a soup, salad and dessert lunch.  We team up with two other local churches to create the luncheon.  We also have a little quilt shop available for quilt books, fabrics and sewing notions that are all donated by the community and the quilters.  All the proceeds from the days events goes to the Festival of Sharing.  The quilts displayed were from churches on our side of the state and as the show travels the quilts from the area will be displayed.  In the beginning the place looks a  like a gym, but within an hour and with lots of help from the men in our church.  The magic starts to happen.

Some of the quilt tops are made by individuals and quilted by a church group.  Some are completed totally by church groups, and some completed by one individual, and all are beautiful.  Here are a few photos of the show and some individual beauties.

This one was made from handkerchiefs, stunning.  Notice the while whole cloth on the left.  The quilting was beautiful.
Some of the quilts were wall hangings, and baby quilts.  Some were machine quilted too.  More about all that on Wednesday---check back then.  Have a great Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. It is wonderful to see these quilts. This was the first year I heard about the quilt part of Festival of Sharing. We weren't able to get anything done to contribute. Our little quilt group at my church would be interested in supporting your show and efforts.

    1. Wonderful, I will be in touch with more info, it's always been in September for the Quilt Show before the auction in October.