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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What do I do now?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Usually, this question pops up when I'm working on a project and things are just not going right and I trying to figure out my next option.  Lately, the question is: What do I want to do now, that I have completed 100 AAQI quilts.  Do I want to continue making mini quilts?  Do I want to start a new or maybe a bigger project?  Is there a technique I need to explore?  After lots of thought I have made a decision.  In about three weeks the Festival of Sharing Quilt Show will be hosted by my church.  This will be our third year to host the show.  It is a great day of beautiful quilts made by ladies through out the state of Missouri.  The quilts are on display through out the state, before they are auctioned off.   The festival is made up of 29 Missouri faith communities, that come together in response  to the world hunger, poverty and mission outreach.  Besides many other giving opportunities, the festival sponsors a quilt auction to raise money.  This year I have donate two small wall hanging for the auction and three children's quilts for the Backpacks of Love.  A Backpack of Love is given to Missouri children ages pre-school to 6th grade when they find themselves taken away from their parents or the only home they have every known  and placed in the state's foster care system.  The backpacks are loaded with comfort items to try to help during the child's difficult and confusing time.
I'm going to work on a larger quilt for the auction in 2013 and more (many more) quilts for the Backpacks of Love.  But, I can't put AAQI totally on the shelf.

Number #101 is under construction.  Happy Quilting!

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