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Monday, September 24, 2012

Quilts & The Foyer---Completed

With the help of quilts I had on hand from my collection and some quick quilt making, the foyer wall is complete.  I was in a little rush to complete this project because this afternoon I have friends coming over for lunch and a game of cards.  I always seem to start projects at the last minute.  Maybe that's my motivation.  Anyway, here is your tour of "the foyer wall".  Civil War 9-Patch and Hannah Lou's Hearts stayed in the same spot.  I added a little 5 x 9 inch strip pieced art quilt, that I originally planned for AAQI.  But, as I looked at the spot on the wall, decided it would go well there.  The fabric you see behind the center quilts is a silk, with a burlap look that I put there to had some texture.  The wood you see are from an old house:  I also added two vintage framed dog prints.

This little quilt was just stripped pieced on a foundation then I appliqued it on the quilt top---adding some raw edge fabric and beads. It is hand quilted by following the pattern in the green upholstery fabric.

This could be another AAQI quilt.  Reproduction 1930's fabric and some paper piecing made the center panel.  Thought the black and white would set off the panel.  Then machine quilted.  This little quilt measures 7 1/2 x 12 inches.  

This little Liberated Star is only 11 inches square and was made to fill a spot at the top of the wall.  Machine pieced and machine quilted, it only took me about 2 hours to put together.  I used scrap from my box of bits and pieces.
Finally, the last two quilts I had on hand.  A few years ago a quilt shop was going out of business in a small town west of us in Missouri.  They had an auction and auctioned hundreds of quilts, quilt tops, shop displays, I could go on and on.  Anyway, I came home with a few quilts and tops.  These two were from that sale and fit perfect on the wall.

Broken Dishes is 30" square.

Snowballs and Squares is 31" square.  Both have been machine quilted (I think that was one of the shop's services).  The workmanship in both quilts is excellent.  All my quilts have been pinned to the wall.  You can see the pins on the Broken Dishes quilt.   This is a great way to hang pictures too.  The straight pins hold a large amount of weight and do very little damage to the wall when removed.  Use the ones with the little ball heads and they are easy to remove.

Drum roll-----Now the Big Reveal!!!!

This wall may change as time goes by, but for now it adds some interest to an otherwise boring entry hall.  Wishing everyone a great Monday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Very, very nice, Jan! I love the entire idea and I applaud your use of such a variety to such a great effect!

  2. This is gorgeous! What a lovely way to be welcomed to the home!

  3. Hey Jan, I have published an article online about decorating with quilts, and I would love to post your photo of the wall in this article, with your permission of course, and a link back to your blog post. The article is here: