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Friday, May 18, 2012


Celebrate is my completed quilt for the Liberated Round Robin 2.  From the beginning of the LibRR2 I knew my completed quilt would be headed to AAQI.  So I started small.  Our first step was to find a block and start dividing and adding.  I started with a vintage log cabin block hand pieced and made from feed sack.  I added the black fabric.  Our second step was to take crumbs and make fabric.  I found more feed sack and made fabric to add to the log cabin.  Step 3 was to add color.  Purple was my color of choice.  Seemed to me there were bits and pieces of purple in the feed sack and since purple is the Alzheimer color---that had to be my color of choice.  The final step was to make the quilt your own with Serendipity.  Maybe add a border, embellishments, embroidery---just what ever you thought would make your quilt special---"pop".  I added square purple beads and finished it with hand quilting.  The little quilt was completed during the week that the Federal Government announced a pledge of more money for Alzheimer's Research.  Now that is something to Celebrate.  What exciting news to help find a cure for this devastating disease.  The quilt measures 9 x 8 inches.  Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend and Happy Quilting!


  1. Love your block! The purple really makes it pop and so appropriate for Alzheimer's.

  2. Wow, that really is gorgeous! I love the little jewels! Thank you for linking up with The Handmade Parade :-)

  3. wonderful work!!
    hugs from Russia! :)

  4. Yet another beautiful quilt. I love the little star block.