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Monday, April 9, 2012

Working on a Wish List

Quilting was put aside today to work on my wish list.  I've been wishing for a painted, organized garage.  Our garage is a mess, a real mess.  I have no pictures, because it is a real mess.  Anyway, our garage is a 3 car garage and not one car is parked in it.  Some of you may know what I mean.  The garage if full of things that are useless and worth $2.00 while your $20,000.00 car sits outside.  Does this make sense?  Well, it doesn't for me and so I called a "family meeting".  I declared that I wanted a painted organized garage by the end of the month.  Well, today was day one.  My son can tape drywall quite well and he volunteered to do the job.  We have so much stuff in the garage that I think we are going to work one wall at a time.  Tonight, hubby and I went through the big tools---like how many shovels do you really need???  Today was a baby step, but one wall is taped and tomorrow it will be sanded and should be painted by the end of the week---we'll organize things on shelves and peg board and begin on the back wall.  My dream may really come true.  I know that one of our bays is reserved for yard equipment, but the other two may house a couple of cars.  Wish me luck and Happy Quilting to all of you who have organized garages.

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