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Monday, April 2, 2012

Learning Something New Quilt by Quilt

Being a self taught quilter, I learn something new with every quilt.  Many times I'm relearning and wondering why I forgot my last lesson.  The larger the quilt the more I learn---maybe there is more room for error.  Anyway, I am ready to put the binding on Dogs and Dots.  I made this quilt last year during the first Liberated Round Robin.  I completed it quickly, but got stuck on the quilting.  That seems to be where I have my troubles.  What design to use?  How to quilt---hand or machine?  Are my stitches to big?  Why is it not laying flat?  So many questions? 
I decided Dogs and Dots needed to be finished---really hubby was on me to show it in an upcoming local quilt show and I think he's right.  I need to take the plunge and just do it.  So I have been working on the little quilt---making some discoveries and some mistakes.
What I have learned:
1.  Must improve my quilting techniques.  This little quilt was lap quilted and I think I really need to work on using a hoop or frame.  I quilt at our church and of course use a frame and my stitches and techniques are much improved over the method I use at home.  I'm still working on free motion quilting, but really not tired it on a very large quilt.
2.  Need to find a better product for fusing.  Any recommendations?
3.  I need to remember to choose a backing that hide stitches.  Especially when you are using different threads on the top.  I decided to use threads that corresponded with all the different colors in the top---forgetting that the backing would show every stitch.
4.  Lastly, I learned something about me.  I love embellishments.  I added all the buttons on this quilt----they are dots after all--and they added a little "pop".  I'm going to remember this little lesson and do more embellishments on future quilts.
I will enter my little quilt in the show---I know it is really not "show" quality, but it will be fun seeing it hanging among other entries.
Have a great Monday and Happy Quilting!

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