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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucky Number 13

I've just completed #13 AAQI quilt donation.  This will be my final addition to the March Mailings.  I was trying for 15 of my 30 goal, but just ran out of time.  But, I'll keep on quilting and have an extra two quilts in my August/September mailing.  Anyway, this little AAQI quilt is just plain FUN.  So I've named it Crazy Summer Fun. 
The little quilt is 8 1/2" square and has rag appliqued flowers with button centers and crazy black and white stems and leaves.  I used pink embroidery thread to quilt the green and tan pinwheel background.  This was a fun quilt to make --- just kinda of made me smile.  Tonight is the Crossroads Quilters meeting and I'm anxious to see what the ladies have to add to the March Mailings---I'll post pictures on Wednesday.   Until then Happy Quilting!


  1. Truly crazy summer fun! And you are doing so super well! Look at what you have accomplished instead of seeing what you have not;) You are so wonderful!

    1. Thanks, the glass is always full!!!