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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cavalia or NHL Hockey????

Cavalia, have you seen it???  If it comes to a town near your and you enjoy animals, especially horses, I highly recommend the show.  For almost 45 years I have been a frequent attendee at Baseball games, Football games, Basketball games and Hockey games both professional and amateur.  I live in a home of males, even the dog is a boy.  Going to the arts is few and far between, but I will say my hubby is very good about taking me to things that I know deep down he would rather be doing something else.  Well, this week was one of those evenings.  For a month we had tickets to Cavalia  at my request of course.  All was good until a few days before the show and our son reminded his father that they had St. Louis Blues Hockey tickets for that night.  Hubby told him to invite a friend, he was going with me to the "horse show".  We had a wonderful evening, met our friends and our son and his friend at a local restaurant for dinner---everyone was going to the Hockey game, except for us.  What a great hubby, he enjoy the show, but when he had an opportunity he checked his phone and of course our son kept him up to date on a record setting game.  The Blues won, which added to the most wins in a season, 9th shut out for a Blues goalie (most in the franchise history) and the Blues are #1 in the NHL going for the President Cup honors. His heart was down the street at the hockey arena, but he enjoyed me enjoying the "horse show".
Cavalia is more than a "horse show".  It is a combination of equestrian beauty and art.

I truly enjoyed my evening and love my hubby for choosing Horses over Hockey.  Have a great Friday and Happy Quilting!

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