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Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year's Resolution----Not

I'm so glad my New Year's Resolution was not something like "I will post every day to my blog", or even every other day.  Where have I been????  Definitely not posting.  But I have been doing some quilting.  I do have a 2012 goal of donating 30 quilts to AAQI and I have been working on that project.  Here is my first collection of 10 quilts.  They are all ready to be quilted---some are ready for binding.  That's what I've been doing.  Hubby and I will be heading to Arizona for a few weeks and I thought that would be a great time get together some AAQI quilts to take with me.  We are driving this year, and I can quilt in the car, listen to books on tape---it just makes the trip not quite as long.   I will be flying home.  Hubby will be staying to meet our son for some Spring Training Baseball games.  Baseball is their father/son activity---they both really love the game.  They both played serious baseball, hubby in college and son on select teams----our household revolves around the baseball season.  Still does!!!  Happy Quilting, everyone!

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