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Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Style

As the New Year begins, I'm reflecting on my quilting projects from the past few years.    I've read books from the library and marveled at the quilt shows, and postings on blogs.  I realize that I have so many more quilts to make and techniques to try.   I 've come to some personal discoveries over the years.  I like being creative with my quilt patterns---I make my own.  I've started this large St. Louis Cardinal throw, Stars Over Cardinal Nation.  The throw is being hand quilted and really is going faster than I thought it would.  It is fun, but, I truly prefer miniatures.  Miniatures seem more controllable to me.  I don't have a large sewing area and sometimes a large quilt just becomes to unrully for my space.  Miniatures not only fit my work space, but they allow me to do hand work as a take along and I like having something to do rather than just sitting.  I also like Free Styling.  That is what I call just sewing or making your own fabric with pieces.  Not worrying about points that match, just putting together like colors and stopping when you make the piece as large are you want.

I made these little panels for AAQI quilts.  The black one will be hand quilted.  The pink with have a little applique---still thinking on this one.

My AAQI goal for this year is 30 quilts.  That will make an even 100 quilts donated and I like that number.  Another thing I'm going to do this year is make some 6" quilts.  I have my Featherweight set up with light weight thread and small needle.  Ready to go.  I'm working on my ideas and I've even taken advantage of some "After Christmas" sales on 8" square shadow boxes to hold these little mini quilts.  My 2012 quilting year seems full of ideas.  I better get busy if I'm going to get all this done.  Have you set quilting goals for the year?    Happy Quilting!

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