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Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Fabric

I found a wonderful piece of vintage fabric at a yard sale a few months ago.  I really didn't know what I wanted to do with it, but I just knew I would find something to show off this neat old fabric.  The fabric is a cotton, maybe for drapes.  But, it is light weight enough to use for quilts.  This is just one section of a village of houses and landscape featured on the fabric.  I'm making this little whole cloth into what else, but an AAQI mini.  I fancy cut a section with a Church in the Vale.  I'm hand quilting to accent the mountains, church and trees.  I'm also adding beads to the trees.  You may be able to see them on the left size of the photo.  There is an old church hymn entitled "The Little Brown Church in the Vale".   This brings back some wonderful memories of my Grandmother.  When I would vist my grandparent's farm in rural Missouri as a child, my grandmother and I would go to the country church and clean---she was their cleaning lady--anyway as we worked we would sing that hymn.  Great memories and as I work on this quilt I'm thinking of the fun we had working and singing along.  Anyone know that hymn? 
I'm setting my goal for 2012.  Presently I have contributed 70 quilts to AAQI.  I believe 7 are still for sale, anyway in 2012 I want to round that number of contributed quilts to 100---so 30 quilts in 2012.  I always try to have my contributions completed by September 30th so that they can be sold in Houston.  I urge you to think about a contribution to AAQI.  It could be a donated mini quilt, the purchase of a mini quilt or one of the many options available on the web site.  Stop by and check out how you can help this year or in 2012.  Happy Quilting!

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