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Monday, November 7, 2011


It seems like I've been away from my blog for ages.  Maybe I have!  I've lost tract of time---housework has been front and center lately.  I can appreciate the saying "I'd Rather Be Quilting".  Today I'm working in the office and thinking about quilting.  I uploaded one of the quilts I purchased at a farm auction a few years ago.  I'm not sure of the pattern name, but it is a beautiful quilt, all hand stitched and never used.  It is a real keeper for my collection.  I also have been looking at a few posts about the Houston Quilt Show.  The photographs of the quilts displayed are outstanding.  I hope to get to Houston and enjoy the show first hand.
During the Houston Show AAQI was selling quilts.  Ten of my mini quilts were at the AAQI Booth along with 1,490 others---all for sale for the cause.  The final numbers are not in, but from all indications it was a successful weekend for Alzheimer's.  Seven of my quilts sold for an approximate total of $247.73.  I'm thrilled and I've already started making more for 2012.  Well, better tackle this desk or I'll never get to my quilting projects.  Happy Quilting!

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