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Friday, September 23, 2011

Row 2 is Complete

Critter Quilt is growing.  I've added row 2 and row 3 is in the making.  I can see a very busy quilt developing.  It is a fun quilt to put together, because I just make a block or two and then add where I think it will look the best.  I have some embroidery blocks planned and maybe some embroidery of critter names on the blocks with large patches of purple.  I'm not sure at this point and I guess that is the fun---not excactly knowing what the finished quilt will look like--planning as I go.  I'm finding, that I can run to my sewing room for 15 minutes and come up with the pieced strip of various scrap and feel like I have accomplished something without spending hours sewing---that's fun too.  When row 3 is finished I'll posts its addition.  In the mean time have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!

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