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Friday, September 9, 2011

Firefighter's Weekend Has Started

Two years ago, my hubby retired from the Fire Service as a Deputy Chief after 25 years service.  I don't think firefighters ever really retire, at least not my firefighter.  Service is still in his blood, I'm very proud of his dedication to the fire service and to his fellow human beings.  He is a person who  gives so much more than he takes.  For the past four years he has been a member of the organizational committee for the Annual Firefighter's Weekend that is held in Downtown St. Louis.  It is a wonderful function that celebrates the brotherhood of Firefighting with proceeds going to the Backstopper's and and area Burn Center.  Backstopper's is an organization that helps the widows and children of fallen Fire, Police and EMT's in the the area.  Each year there is a Candle Light Visual on Thursday, Firefighter's Ball on Friday and Great Fire Engine Rally on Saturday.  This year, on Sunday, there will be a church service beginning at the exact time the first tower fell in New York.  The weekend is always fun, but also tearful as men and women remember co-works, friends and family.  We will be participating in the weekend activities and I'm taking a camera this year.  I'll share some photos on Monday.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend.  As always, Happy Quilting!

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  1. My son has 13 years in the Fire Service. This weekend he is in a seminar in Chicago and instructing other Fire Fighters in saftey. Very nerve racking to me as a Mother to know the danger he faces. This will be a tearful weekend for all of us that are familiar with the passion and the dedication our family members are to the Fire Service and also to the Fallen Brothers in their profession. As I am in tears now please know I am proud of all who are here to help others. Chris