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Friday, September 2, 2011

Critter Quilt is Taking Form

Row 1 is done.  YEA!  After so many months of talking about and making blocks.  The Critter Quilt is finally on my sewing table and starting to take form.  This quilt is just going to happen.  No pattern and no idea of what I will do next.  I have a variety of blocks already made.  Some are photo images, applique, piece work, and fabric pen drawings.  All are different sizes, but with the use of the blue/purple solid fabric I'm making them a standard size for each row.  But, each row width size will be different too. The quilt will then have a border of the blue/purple solid fabric to finish it off.  Some of the blocks will separated by a scrap pieced sashing and all the rows will be divided by the pieced sashing.  I sorted my bits and pieces of fabric into a grocery bag and I just reach in and grab a piece of fabric stitch it to my sashing.  After I get the length I need a trim and square up the sashing to fit the row.  This little quilt is great fun and I love the memories of my beloved Critters as I work on their block.  Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!

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