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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday--Precious Promises on Monday & Other News

You shall make your prayer unto him, an he shall hear you.  Job 22:27

AAQI Makes Headlines

If the “Quilts for Sale” page is looking a little thinner, that’s because we have already begun hoarding quilts for Houston.

International Quilt Festival is our biggest opportunity to sell Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts and we can’t wait!
This year our goal is to bring 1,500 quilts!

Can you help? Money earned from the sale of the quilts you donate helps us pay for Alzheimer’s research.

As we create sales tags for each quilt going to Houston we move it from the Quilts For Sale page over to the Houston page. We’re starting with the lower-numbered quilts and only taking quilts that have never been to Houston. Once the quilts are moved they cannot be purchased until Festival. So, shop the sale page before the quilt you want is moved!

It is a very labor intensive process to create the sale tags, but at some point we hope to “catch up” and new quilts will go directly to Houston the page.

Is there a deadline for making a quilt for Houston? Yes, but we really don’t know what it is yet. By time we know, it will probably be too late to be helpful to you. The best thing to do is to dedicate the next 30 days to creating your most fabulous quilts ever. Check out the binding and “sleeve-ing” tutorials at the bottom of the quilt donation page, and budget in plenty of time to register and then ship your quilt.

Hope you can join the fun of Miniature Art Quilt making and help out the cause.

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