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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Story of Bear

 Bear and his litter mates were raised as hunting dogs.  They went to classes, learned the signals and became very well trained.  But, Bear was not to be a hunting dog---he was afraid of guns.  Bear's owner was into hunting dogs and really had no use for Bear so he gave Bear to a lady that had two boys.  What a good place for Bear---boys and a big yellow lab.  That lasted for a few years and then the boys became teenagers and the lady was going to remarry and Bear didn't fit into their lives.  My hubby heard about Bear's story from a fellow he worked with.  The more hubby listened to the fact that this was a great dog that was living in a windowless garage and had no place to run and no one to really care for him, the more hubby wanted to see this great dog.  We had two dogs at the time, but we live on three acres in the woods---ponds, trails and a love of animals---it could be a fit.  So we went to meet Bear after work one Thursday night and went back the next evening and picked him up.  Bear was as wonderful as everyone had said.  Bear was a gentlemen.  He was the politest dog we have ever owned---he asked permission before he did anything.  He and my hubby bonded as only a Man and his Dog could.    Bear was always by his side when there was work to be done in the woods or a walk on the Christmas tree farm, or a swim in the pond.  Bear loved his life in the country and we loved him.  We had Bear for 10 years of his 14 year life and they were great years with a great dog.  Today, we had to say goodbye to Bear---he is now at peace and healthy again, running, playing and enjoying the sunshine of a warm day at the Rainbow Bridge. 


  1. You gave Bear a wonderful life. He always knew that.

  2. My heart goes out to you for your loss. It's so wonderful that Bear had such a good life with your family. Hugs :(

  3. It has been our experience that rescued animals make the best fur friends a person can have. We rescued a yellow lab much like your beautiful Bear, he was tossed out a moving truck window wrapped in a garbage bag into a farmers field. Like your Bear, he was a loyal companion, with perfect manners, always with a smile on his face.
    I truly feel your pain, and am sorry for your loss, thank you for making those 10 years of Bear's life so wonderful, I know you will always treasure the memories.