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Monday, June 20, 2011

Critter Quilt Update

I've been working on my Critter Quilt, as I posted a couple of days ago.  But, I've taken a turn in a different direction, but still moving forward.  I've posted before that I'm really not a big quilt quilt maker.  I enjoy the smaller/mini quilts and so making a large quilt sends me into fits and I usually quit.  I'm determined to finish this large quilt.  That being said, I went to my sewing room enthused about starting a large medallion quilt---and I immediately hit a wall.  I'm not sure what it is about me and large quilts----but again I stopped.  Then, I thought of Jude Hill and her techniques of quilt making.  Jude many times makes smaller quilts and then puts them together to form a large quilt.  Maybe that is all large quilting is---anyway---I'm off an running again.  I decided to make the quilt by rows---concentrating on individual blocks and then putting them together with sashing I'll make from all my many different scraps.  I want the quilt to be whimsical, so I'm doing a little thinking before I stitch and enlisting the help of a couple of my quilting books.   All my blocks will be united by a solid base color---I've chosen a dark purple/blue fabric.  I'm going to take this slow, looking toward to completing each individual block (mini quilt) before getting ahead of myself and thinking of the completed project.  One step at a time or should I say One Block at a time.  Wish me luck and I'll be posting some updates now and then.  Happy Quilting!

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