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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Critter Block #2 Ms. Kitty

The second block on the Critter Quilt is Ms. Kitty.  We call Ms. Kitty our outside cat.  We don't have an inside cat, but Ms. Kitty is a real country cat and enjoys the wide open spaces.  She adopted us---I think many cats do that.  Anyway, we had just completed our home and she showed up.  We think she was originally from our neighbor's farm.  But she wanted to be in a catless home like ours---maybe the other cats made fun of her because of her crinkled ear. 
Anyway, she immediately introduced herself and it didn't take us long to realize she was with kittens.  A few weeks after her arrival, she had her kittens and hid them in the woods, but life is cruel  in the woods and the kittens disappeared.  Ms. Kitty was crushed and hunted for her babies for days.  She became with kittens again, but this time my son did some investigating and found her nest.  Put the kittens in a basket and Ms. Kitty followed her little family to our basement---where she raised them.  We were able to find homes for the kittens and realized that Ms. Kitty was really ours, so to the vets we went, she got a check up, shots and surgery--no more kittens.  Ms. Kitty is about 12 or 13 years old now and enjoys the lazy life on our deck, equipped with her own little house.  On the cold of winter days in Missouri she will snuggle in our furnace room where she raised her little family.  Her quilt block was easy to make---I stumbled on to a dog/cat fabric with a tiger cat.  A little more orange than Ms. Kitty, but it works,  so I just fancy cut it to feature her, added some triangles and a Lizard for color.  I will continue to add to this block, as it is a little small for what I have in mind.
I've added a Bee to the Keesha block---looks more complete.  As Always, Happy Quilting!

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