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Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to School

It has been almost 4 years since I retired as a High School Social Studies teacher in an Alternative School for At Risk students. I had taught 13 of my 28 years at this little school in Missouri and loved every minute. We had small classes where a teacher could get to know the students. This close relationship helped teachers work with students not only on class work, but personal matters and self esteem issues. It was a great way to finish my career. During that time I noticed that many students were all about themselves. No concern for others---this attitude bothered me and I wanted to think of something that they could do---give of themselves for others. Quilting immediately came to mind. So with a few personal dollars we made 4 small quilts to give to the local Linus Project.

Those 4 quilts and a grant I was able to get for sewing machines and supplies grew to 32 quilt in the span of 6 years. Since, I retired the quilt project has slowed, but has not been forgotten. This past week I spend two days at school working on a blue jean quilt with the students. And the results are the same. The students enjoy making and doing for others. They all shared stories of quilts in their past and how quilts make you feel good.

It is safe to say quilts are ambassadors of love and comfort, both for the maker and the receiver. Happy Quilting!!!

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