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Friday, January 21, 2011

AAQI News--Join the Fun

Quilt-A-Month Club

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 08:59 AM PST

Are you up for some fun? Thought so! The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative has cooked up a new opportunity for quilt makers and quilt buyers to increase the arsenal in our fight against Alzheimer’s. It’s called the Quilt-A-Month Club and it rolls out today!
Simply put, when you join the Quilt-A-Month Club your goal is to MAKE or BUY a Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt every month for six consecutive months. Talk about a terrific feeling 0f accomplishment! Wow! And there’s ample opportunity for bragging, too! Your name and “club membership” goes on our web site.

If the “I don’t know what to make” blahs are standing in your way, we’ve got that covered too. Each month comes with a new challenge, or two. Embrace them, or ignore them, it’s up to you.
Sign up information, complete explanation, and important dates are all on the Quilt-A-Month Club page. The February challenges are below. Pick one, two, three, or not.

Theme ChallengePets: dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, snakes, gerbils, pot bellied pigs…

Color ChallengeUse blue somewhere in the quilt.

Design ChallengeStriped binding: up-and-down, side-to-side, or diagonal

Future club members, here’s that page again: Quilt-A-Month Club! Tell a friend and challenge each other.


  1. I came across the Quilt A Month Club at a few weeks ago and I'm giving it some thought. I donated 3 quilts the first week of Jan. so I really should join. I began donating in 2010 (2 quilts and 5 postcards) with the inspiration and assistance of Michele Bilyeu in Lib-Quilters Group, and I'm so glad that I did. I've even recently considered the $1000 Pledge but that would take some time for me--does it sound as if I'm afraid to commit? :)
    Congratulations to you for donating so often to AAQI.
    Kathleen C. in CT

  2. Kathleen, Don't be afraid to commit to the $1000 Pledge. I joined the pledge in 2005 and it wasn't until 2010 that I reached my goal. There is no pressure to complete. I would just give myself a goal each year and it seemed I always completed more. The mini quilts are fun and great to take along. I think the Quilt A Month is a wonderful idea. You should think seriously about joining.

  3. Jan, Thanks for being such an amazing supporter of AAQI. As one of Ami's volunteers, as well as a lib quilter and an AAQI quilt maker, I love all of your quilts and I love your blog!