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Thursday, December 9, 2010

From This to This

About a month ago our family spent a wonderful weekend in the woods in Northeast Missouri with friends. We stayed at a cabin---really a very comfortable 3-bedroom second home of our friends brother and sister in law. It was so nice of them to lend us the cabin for the weekend, that I thought why not make a cabin quilt wall hanging thank-you. Since I always carry a camera I took this shot.

And turned it into a 22" x 13" quilt. We will be with this couple on Saturday for a family/friends Christmas dinner, so I have been very busy the past week completing the little wall hanging.

I took my photo and used an overhead projector to increase the size, cut fabric that corresponded with the house parts and added buttons for flowers. I used embroidery floss for most of the quilting. I hope she likes it. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Quilting!


  1. Awesome fun, Jan. And I love the trim at the top! You come up with some wonderful ideas that never fail to inspire me :)

  2. They´ll love it. Great idea. Congratulations.