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Monday, November 8, 2010

Houston AAQI Sales

I have been anxiously waiting for today and the posting of AAQI sales results from the Houston International Quilt Show. My personal pledge was to make 52 quilts this year for AAQI. I fell short by only making 42 by the September 15th deadline. I have since added 3 more that did not go to Houston. I had 33 quilts go to Houston and 13 sold. I was hoping more would sell, but sales from the 13 came to $494.00 and I very pleased about that. I have met my $1,000 Promise pledge with these sales, and I plan to keep on making and donating AAQI quilts. It is a thrill to make a quilt that someone else enjoys and to give to a cause that needs research monies.

Thanks to Ami for all she does in support of Alzheimer's Research and to my Mom who was a victim of Alzheimer's, but not before she gave me the desire to sew and create. Happy Quilting!

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