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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This little AAQI quilt is a study in Shapes (so named). I tried a new technique of circle making, I saw on Simply Quilts years ago. I had made my circle at that time and the little cut out circle just stayed in my Idea Box, until now. The circle is made on a square piece of fabric---the tan and green check. Cut out and pressed to the back, using wax paper---if I remember correctly?? then the center fabric is placed under and stitched. Very simple and easy. I've been thinking any shape difficult to applique could be cut from the upper fabric, pressed hand or machine stitched; then placed on top of the second fabric. The steps for this technique can be found on HGTV web site under Simply Quilts. I think they still have archives of old shows. Shapes is an 8 x 8 inch collection of different fabrics with interesting shapes. I just started adding strips to border the circle fabric, which is a vintage quilt block made from feed sack fabric.

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