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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to Quilting

Now that Bodhi is back to his old self and feeling much better, I can free my mind to think about the AAQI quilts. I have set a personal donation goal of 35 quilts by September. Some days are idea days---on those days I sketch ideas and plan the fabric and techniques I'll use. Other days are cut fabric and machine stitching days. Then during the evenings I spend doing the hand work. I miss not doing hand work in the evenings while watching TV so I usually have a quilt going at all times. I'm ahead of my goal for the month of March. I have 5 quilts near completion.

To Teach is completed and has a little bit of everything. I have some free form needle turn applique in the flowers. I just cut out shapes and appliqued them into an abstract flower using yarn and a button. I also used the techniques from Thinking Outside the Block for the patchwork border. I really like that book and the techniques introduced for your consideration. Today I hope to have completed a couple more quilts with binding and will talk about them in a later posting. In the mean time, check out AAQI and donate a mini quilt for the cure. Happy Quilting

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