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Monday, February 15, 2010


Ever have a time when everything around you seemed overwhelming? A time of a sadness, confusion or maybe just a day of the "blahs"? Then a single thought, a bright spot of remembrances rushes into your mind --- so clear and refreshing that it will make you smile and even shoo those blues away. Well, that is the theme of my latest AAQI quilt. As I was creating this little quilt, I also thought --- you and I can shoo those blues and confusion away, but a person with Alzheimer's may have only single thoughts that are fleeting thoughts and the confusion returns to quickly. My wish is that my mini quilt Single Thoughts will earn monies to help find a cure so all of the single thoughts that Alzheimer's may have will stay longer and brighten their future with a cure. To check out all the quilts offered for sale or auction, just click on the link.

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