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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Recently I've discovered a great website called Quilter Blogs, the site features and highlights blogs by quilter's for all over the globe. I am now on their list and in return I want to place a link on my blog listings. I've been working on this for an hour with no success. I'm sure it is quite easy, but not for this beginner. I'm taking a break now and I'll try to tackle it a little later. On a lighter note!!!! I found this wonderful little basket block in my collection---not sure what I'm going to do with the block, I'll come back to that later too. If you want to see other quilter's blogs, check out and I'll keep trying to add it to my sidebar. I'd rather be quilting.


  1. I was just working on this as I am a new blogger as well. Go to your layout page, add a gadget, the HTML one, and (oh first you need to copy the HTML stuff from the email they sent) and paste it in the gadget spot.

  2. Mary, Thanks so much, it worked!! Love your blog and great photo of you, your dog and the kayak. Looks like fun. Happy Quilting